College Emblem and Motto

  • College Motto in College Emblem holds a wealth of meaning.
  • The 'A' which dominates the emblem stands for the Patron of the College, "St. Anthony of Padua".
  • The soaring eagle connotes the striving for excellence in every field that should be the hallmark of every Anthonian.
  • The open book below, says that, learning and the love of learning, is the primary preoccupation of the institution.
  • Behind it all, is a Cross, which speaks of the love of Jesus Christ, who gave Himself up on the cross that all may find salvation.
  • It is the love of Christ that spurs the College on to greater heights of excellence and service. The whole is surrounded by a circular band in which is inscribed the name of the college and its motto, "Ever More Better Ever".
  • The motto is a Latin translation of "Excelsior", and it once again, brings forth, strive for excellence that characterises every facet of the life and activity of an Anthonian, and the College as a whole.