Animal House

The animal housing facility was built in order to provide a safe and clean place for storing of experimental animals. It is located in a dedicated building. It keeps the animals away from the hustle and bustle of the college activities. An animal feed storage cabinet ensures that the feed is protected from insects and other rodents that may destroy the feed. Storage shelves provide a place for proper storage of cages, cage covers, feeding bottles, etc. Four rooms are available for keeping the animals. A room is allotted each for Masters Degree students, Ph.D. research, Project research and breeding. These rooms are fitted with light switches that have timers thus ensuring a 12 hour light and dark cycle. A quarantine room is used to temporarily keep animals that have been procured from elsewhere. Animals kept in this room are observed for disease and changes in behavior and other anomalies before they are shifted to the working rooms. The quarantine room also serves to confine diseased animals thus ensuring that the disease does not spread to other rooms. A washing area, bins for disposal of waste ensure a clean building.