Biotechnology Hub - DBT


The Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India, is the funding agency of the Institutional Biotech Hub (IBThub) in the college.

Work Plan

The following research work will be carried out in the Biotech-Hub:

  • Molecular phylogenetic investigation of plants that are endemic to Meghalaya and have medicinal and ornamental properties.
  • In-vitro production of secondary metabolites from indigenous medicinal plants like Rubia cordifolia which has anti-diabetic and anti-microbial properties, Gaultheria sp. which has anti-rheumatic properties and Taxus baccata which has anti-cancerous properties.
  • Tumor immunology in murine system: Identification of tumor antigens in the liver of mice exposed to hepatocarcinogens will be done. Molecular characterization of the tumor antigens and exploration of their use in immunotherapy of tumors will be carried out. Tumor regression studies in response to immunotherapy and also other anti-cancer treatments will be undertaken.
  • Tumor immunology in relation to human subjects: Oral cancer is highly prevalent in Meghalaya. Tissue samples of oral cancers obtained from patients will be explored for tumor antigens, which will be characterized to determine their structure. The antigenicity will be tested with a view to explore its possible role in immunotherapy.
  • The North-East is one of the two hotspots of biodiversity in the country. Genetic characterization of various animal species, both aquatic and terrestrial will be undertaken. Their genetic variation and population structure will be studied using biochemical and molecular markers to help in conservation of various threatened endemic species of the region.

The Instruments procured in the IBThub:

  • Arktik TCA 0001 - Thermal Cycler with gradient capability (Thermo Fisher Scientific Oy.).
  • Biofuge Stratos 75005289 - Refrigerated Highspeed Centrifuge (Thermo Electron LED GmbH).
  • Evolution 201 - UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (Thermo Electron Scientific Instruments LLC).
  • Forma 991 - Double Door Ultra-Low Temperature (-86oC) Freezer (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

The hub also has a J.R.F. who is working for a Ph.D degree.