Bio-Informatics Lab


The Bioinformatics Centre (Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility) at St. Anthony's College, Shillong has been established with the grant (first release) received from the Department of Biotechnology(DBT), Government of India.The BIF, named as "Bioinformatics Centre", is located in a 500 sq. ft room located in the main building of the College and can be accessed easily by all authorized users.

The Bioinformatics Centre at St. Anthony's College was setup keeping in mind the major thrusts of the Biotechnology Information System (BTIS) programme of DBT such as ensuring that India emerges as a key international player in the field of bioinformatics; enabling a greater access to wealth of information created during the post-genomic era and catalyse the country's attainment of lead position in medical, agricultural, animal and environmental biotechnology.


The centre has an internet leased line connectivity with 4 Mbps. The applications software that are used in the centre include:

  • Geneious Pro. Ver. 4.5.2 (Biomatters, New Zealand): This software is be used to teach students/trainees the basic concepts of bioinformatics. Trainees learn how to carry out sequence alignments, search for ORFs, motifs and transcription factor sequences, study protein 3D structure and to design PCR primers. Conducting in silico reverse transcription and mutation studies is also a part of the training programs. Geneious Pro is be used extensively in these training programmes. The target groups for the training programmes are the life sciences teachers and students of undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Applicants from other educational institutes in Shillong and rest of Meghalaya are often included. Special training sessions for applicants from rural areas of the state are also planned.
  • NTSYS pc ver. 2.02r (Applied Biostatics Inc., USA): This software is used to teach students how to analyze and interpret multivariate data generated from molecular markers-based wet lab studies on biodiversity of plants and animals. The post-graduate students of Biotechnology of the College utilize it more often. Training programmes will be conducted for people who teach and\or carry out research in molecular phylogeny and biodiversity.
  • FelxX (Biosolveit, Germany): This software provides opportunity to students to deepen their understanding of protein-ligand interactions and to gain first-hand experience on virtual screening of compound libraries and identification of hit molecules. Such training is aimed at increasing the employability of students, especially in corporate houses involved in development of prescription drugs.

Books and Journals

Subscriptions have been made to seven journals that are in the areas of Life Sciences and Bioinformatics and published in India by NISCAIR (3 titles), Indian Academy of Sciences (3 titles) and Bioinformatics Institute of India (1 title). Since our college is also a beneficiary of the National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content (N-LIST), Inflibnet Program, the BIF at St. Anthony's allows access to more than 3500 E-journals, more than 76900 E-books and Annual Reviews.