Student Development Services(SDS)

Department is an innovative project embarked upon by the College in answer to an acutely felt need of the student community of the college in particular and of the students of the North-Eastern region in general. It aims to provide :

  • Student Guidance Services, and
  • Counselling in specific problem areas of alcoholism, drug abuse and AIDS.


Student Guidance Services provides personal, educational and vocational guidance to students for their overall balanced development. Students in this era need something supplementary to good teaching. They need proper guidance personal, educational and vocational to help them have a clear vision of their mission in life and to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and training to realise that mission. The students of North-East India lack the facilities needed to develop their full potential. There is an urgent need to provide them with the necessary guidance to enable them to exploit their energy and resources to achieve all that is within their reach. Guidance and counselling refer to the professional help offered by qualified personnel to a student or a group of students to help them to take decisions by themselves on matters affecting their future life.

Educational Guidance

The department provides guidance and information to enable students to make choices about the subjects/courses of study suitable to their aptitudes and interests. Students with special educational problems, such as poor learning habits, underachievement, lack of concentration, etc., will be encouraged to make use of the counselling services.

Vocational / Career Guidance

The guidance offered in this area is aimed at giving students a clear idea about the different careers/vocations, the nature of jobs, opportunities available, and the requirements for these jobs; and to help them to make a realistic assessment of themselves and their suitability for the career/profession of their own choice.

Personal Guidance

This aims to help individual students to understand themselves better, to understand the process of development so as to make themselves better adjusted persons in life.

To achieve this, the department regularly organises programmes which:

  • help students to understand the teaching-learning process and the nature of their development and behaviour
  • help students to understand the facts about themselves their abilities, aptitudes, personality traits etc
  • help students to understand and solve personal problems, adjust better to their environment, make appropriate educational plans and to make a realistic occupational choice
  • provide special coaching for entrance examinations for professional courses and competitive examinations.


Our society in the North-East faces many disastrous evils such as alcoholism, drug abuse and AIDS, which are spreading like wild fire, and have already become a menace to individuals, families and society. There is an urgent need to take necessary steps to create a general awareness about these evils, and prevent these maladies from spreading further.

Prevention and eradication of these menaces is possible by educating the youth and adolescents through awareness building programmes. An understanding of the root causes and long lasting consequences and setting in motion preventive measures can bring about some relief in this regard. Hence the urgent need to have centres where young people are given assistance and guidance. It is the responsibility of teachers, educational institutions and other organisations involved in the development of youth to meet this challenge to society head on.

To achieve this, the department regularly programmes:

  • to disseminate information related to alcoholism, drug abuse and AIDS.
  • to establish rapport with students to identify the intensity and extend of the problems and to introduce suitable preventive measures.


The MBA Entrance Examinations Coaching Programme

Every year, the department conducts an MBA Entrance Examinations Coaching Programme. The year 2000 will see its fifth batch. Each year several of our students get invitation from the IIMs, and other reputed Business Schools, for the Group Discussion and Personal Interview. The programme is a five-month programme (June to October), divided into five modules, with the sessions conducted from 3.30 to 5.30 pm. The highlights of the programme are:

  • Personalised, expert contact teaching sessions conducted by experienced teachers in all the areas in which testing is done in these very exacting tests : quantitative ability, reading comprehension and verbal ability, critical reasoning ability
  • Regular practice sessions for Group Discussion and Personal Interview
  • Regular practice tests modelled on the CAT
  • Excellent and highly acclaimed study and test material.
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Workshop on Development of Communication Skills

The Communications Skills Development programme was developed by the department so as to enable the student:

  • to improve his/her communication style
  • to build up his/her self-image : confidence and self-esteem that are essential in interpersonal relations, job recruitment, group situations such as group discussions, presentation of projects, etc.
  • to expose the student to group dynamics that have in recent years been focussed upon in recruitment for jobs and job-oriented courses
  • to Excellent and highly acclaimed study and test material.

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Workshop on Development of Communication Skills

Communication development (verbal and written)

  • Leadership development
  • Group Dynamics
  • Development of self-image.

Career Information Talks

This is a weekly feature, in which experts in various career fields are invited to address the students not necessarily of our college. In fact many students from other colleges also attend these programmes. These sessions deal with aptitudes, job requirements, selection procedure, preparation required, and other pertinent information. The sessions always conclude with an interactive session in which the expert(s) field questions from the participants. This is a highly appreciated programme.

Awareness Building Programmes

Apart from the above programmes, the department also conducts programmes intended to build awareness among the young about problems of drug abuse, alcoholism, AIDS, premarital sex, abortion, etc. These are generally conducted in the form of panel discussions with counselling experts, doctors and religious persons who can offer guidance, information and clarify views and problems and offer solutions.