1 The computer science students of St Anthony’s College have formed a club called Cyber Club. The club came into existence in 1996. The members of the club see themselves as a leaven in the college for bringing computer literacy to the rest of the student community, while at the same time enhancing their own skills. They also organize seminars, debates, quizzes, essay and software development competitions, etc. Their motto "Learn, Teach, Serve” emphasizes the very philosophy of the club: to become personally proficient in order to be of service to others.

Specific Activity undertaken. The Cyber Club organized many Training Programmes in Cyber Club Personal Computer Software as per the following Details.

The programmes targeted students from the rural areas who do not have any opportunityto use computers. They were taught by students of the Cyber Club who aremore fortunate than the trainees in terms of computer education. The training covered the fundamentals of office applications (Windows Operating System, MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint). The staff members were merely advisors.

A noteworthy feature is that while theory or main instructional lesson is given by one of the students at a particular session, for the practical sessions, there would be as many as eight to ten students to help the trainees on a nearly one to one basis. This is of enormous help to the participants of the course; they are able to interact on a peer to peer level and clarify all their doubts instantly.

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