St. Anthony’s College Certified as Green Campus

St. Anthony’s College is committed to providing the best quality education in the best possible setting that also includes a Campus and an infrastructure that are eco-friendly. The College has endeavored long and hard these past many years in its attempt to create an eco-friendly Campus and an infrastructure that contributes to the conservation of energy. After the recent ambient air quality testing conducted by the Meghalaya Pollution Control Board, the College has now joined the list of Colleges which have either been certified as Green Campuses or are on the way to achieving that status.

The College formally invited the Meghalaya Pollution Control Board to conduct the Ambient Air Quality Testing of the Campus on 18 December 2013. This invitation was accepted for consideration by the Board which in turn sent the College a response on 7 January 2014 enquiring if the latter would be willing to conduct the test in spite of the seemingly high cost. The College not only responded in the affirmative to this query but proceeded to pay the fee well in advanced on 21 January 2014.

The Meghalaya Pollution Control Board promptly constituted a team of three scientists to conduct the requested test at the Campus. The Test was carried out on 30 – 31 January 2014 after preliminary survey and observations were performed on 29 January 29. The team arrived at 8 am in the morning and proceeded to set up the equipment in the middle of College Basketball Courts as the central point of the test. The machine used to test the ambient air quality of the College Campus is called Respirable Dust Sampler. The team had to set up camp for 24 hours so that it could monitor the test and also change the filter paper every three hours. The test concluded on the following morning at 8 am. The College received the report on 7 February 2014.

Pollutants 24 hrs Average Permissible Limits
Particulate Matter (mg/m3) 50.2 100
Sulphur Dioxide 2.0 80
Nitrogen Dioxide 4.5 80
  • Maximum: 18.6 c
  • Minimum: 8.7 c
  • Maximum: 90%
  • Minimum: 48%

Following the findings of the AAQ test conducted at the College Campus, St. Anthony’s College now officially stands as an institution that has been certified to be within the permissible limits of AAQ Standards for Industrial, Rural and Other Areas as per EPA Notification GSR 826, dated New Delhi, 16th Nov. 2009.

It is worthy of note that the College is, perhaps, the only one in the state and probably one of the few in the region that has undergone such a test and it is a matter of pride that it has been able to meet the requirements without any glitch. In fact, the findings revealed that the presence of Sulphur Dioxide and Nitrogen Dioxide in the Campus was near negligible. Again, the particular matter content (microgram/cubic meters) is just 50.2 percent well below the permissible limits.

The report concludes on this ring of triumph even as the College gears up to further enhance it infrastructure to provide for the best and most pleasant experience for its staff and stakeholders.

Respirable Dust Sampler for Test at the College Campus

Prof. Jacob L. Shylla

Govt. Certification